Omega 3 + Multivitamin for Men & Women - Trial Pack

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About this Item:

  • REINVENTED SUPPLEMENTATION: India's First Omega 3 + Multivitamin Combo in a chewable jelly form with premium quality fish oil. Our dosage system combines the high payload of a capsule with the delicious taste of a gummy.

  • ONE A DAY FORMULA: For adults, 1 Jelly Chew a day with a meal! Chew Thoroughly; No water required.

  • CLINICALLY TESTED: Each Jelly Chew holds billions of microscopic oil droplets which enhances the nutrient absorption. Chewing activates the functions of your stomach and intestines, helping them absorb the nutrients into your body. In a clinical study VitaChews delivered EPA + DHA more effectively to blood plasma by 43% compared to conventional capsules.

  • SIMPLY DELICIOUS & CLEAN: Our Jelly Chews are made from Natural Ingredients and Citrus Strawberry Natural Flavours making them delicious to ensure you do not get any fishy taste or burps. No artificial colour, preservatives, lard or additives. Keeping into mind the religious sentiment, VitaChews are made of Fish Gelatin only unlike most capsule brands which use Bovine (beef) or Porcine (pork) Gelatin.

  • SUGAR FREE: Because we are dedicated to health, we use only natural sweeteners. Our Jelly Chews are sugar free which address health concerns such as dental care, weight loss and diabetes.

  • PACKED WITH CRAZY AMOUNT OF VITAMINS: Each Jelly Chew contains 12 key nutrients such as Omega 3 Fish Oil with EPA & DHA, Vitamin B12, D3, B3, E, B6, A, Iodine, Biotin, Quatrefolic® Folic Acid and Antioxidant: Ascorbic Acid – Vitamin C.

  • ONE CHEW MANY BENEFITS: Supports a Healthy Heart & Brain, Balanced Immune System, Strong Joints & Bones, Liver Function, Skin, Hair, Lungs & Eye Health. Quatrefolic® is a clinically proven superior form of Folic Acid that gets absorbed by the body without any metabolization thus highly beneficial.

  • MADE IN NORWAY: Our Jelly Chews are designed by leading nutritional experts to mirror the way we eat food, which includes chewing, swallowing and digesting making it the most natural way to deliver nutrients, next to food.

  • ENJOY DAILY FRESHNESS: Each Jelly Chew is individually and hygienically sealed, protecting it from damaging effects of humidity, light and air. A single chew can be can be torn from the blister pack making it convenient and travel friendly.

  • QUALITY & RESEARCH THAT MATTERS: Our products are 3rd party tested for Ingredients, Heavy Metals and Microbiological to ensure unmatched quality. As per studies, 9 out of 10 adults like the taste & fragrance of our VitaChews and the fact it is chewable. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and WHO recommends that adults receive 250 mg of EPA + DHA per day for Cardiovascular Health.

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