We have compiled the most asked questions about VitaChews:

What are VitaChews?
VitaChews are chewable jellies sized at approx. 2.2 cm, made using a unique & patented technology, designed to mirror the natural way in which we derive nutrients from our food, which includes chewing, swallowing, and digesting.

What is the source of the Gelatin used to make VitaChews?
Keeping into mind the religious sentiments in our country, VitaChews are made of Fish Gelatin only unlike most capsule brands which use Bovine (beef) or Porcine (pork) Gelatin.

What are the benefits with the VitaChews compared to other delivery systems when it comes to oxidation?
Once you open a bottle of capsules or softgels, they will be exposed to air which will initiate oxidation of the product. Our VitaChews are individually sealed providing a protective barrier against oxygen, humidity and light.

Which fish oil is used in VitaChews and are there any health concerns regarding the fish oil?
The Artic fish oils used are perfectly safe. The manufacturers of VitaChews follow the GOED's recommendations for limits of pollutants, which are even lower than the strict standards of the European and Norwegian authorities.

What is Quatrefolic?
Quatrefolic is a clinically proven ingredient. It is a superior form of Folate (Folic Acid) that gets directly absorbed by the body without any metabolization. Quatrefolic may promote healthier heart and has other many benefits