About Us

About VitaChews

Our endeavour is to provide research driven innovative products which are clinically backed. We strive to provide clean nutrition and our products are developed by leading nutritional experts to provide optimum nourishment making them ideal for daily consumption.

Assured Quality

We focus on quality at every stage in the product cycle from creation to sourcing, packaging, storage, and the final delivery to our customers.

Research and Development

Our products have been formulated by experts based on our vision to provide natural, clean and optimum nutrition grounded in science. Because we are dedicated to health, our products are Sugar free, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, No Added Preservatives and are made with Natural Flavours & Colours.

Product Transparency

We deliver what we promise. Our products are 3rd party tested for purity and efficacy to ensure we deliver a high quality product.  


About QUARANT Face Masks

Quarant has been one of the leading brands in India providing facemasks during the pandemic and continues to be a market leader in this category. 

Welcome to the new age of facemasks, where quality meets safety and style. Our collection includes unisex, lightweight, and easy-to-wear masks that are so comfortable that you will forget you are even wearing one. Our aim is to provide the highest quality masks possible to cater to the high demand during these difficult times.

We ensure our masks offer a high filtration efficiency against bacteria and viruses while being easy to breathe through while being hypoallergenic; created from only the most effective materials.

We believe in delivering state-of-the-art goods into the market for everyone and this has driven us to cater to even the smallest requirements from our customers. This combined with our passion for our quality and services means that we are determined to serve humanity in the best way we can.

To reassure you, our masks are: BIS certified and ISO 13485 certified for Medical devices – Quality Management Systems. Our masks adhere to various standards such as EN 14683 Type IIR, IS 16289, AS 4381 Level 3 and ATSM Level 3. Our masks are also CE marked.