QUARANT Korean Fish Shape Designer Face Mask with Dual Meltblown and Adjustable Nose Pin for Adults (Pack of 10, Magnolia Bloom)

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QUARANT Designer Fish Shape Korean Style Face Mask with Dual Meltblown and Adjustable Nose Pin for Adults, 4 Layer Protection for Women & Men (Pack of 10, Magnolia Bloom)

  • BFE >99% & PFE >95%: Our masks offer a higher Bacteria Filtration Efficiency of >99% @ 3.0 microns and Particulate Filtration Efficiency of >95% @ 0.3 microns.
  • Free-Size & Comfort: The elastic spandex outer ear loops are comfortable for long-wearing sessions by people of all ages. The built-in metal adjustable nose pin provides a perfect fit.
  • Fluid Resistant, Anti-Pollution & Anti-Dust: Designed to offer protection against bodily fluid and spatter at high resistance. It also provides protection against dust and pollutants from the air.
  • 4 Ply Construction: Exterior Layer: SS Grade Non-woven Fabric, 2nd & 3rd Layer: 99 Grade Meltblown Fabric, Interior Layer: SS Grade Non-woven Fabric.
  • Individual Packaging: Each disposable mask has been individually packed for your convenience along with a complementary mask extender. 


Effective Protection

kf94 mask for women kf94 mask
Wearing a face mask can reduce the risk of harmful particles reaching you. These masks will effectively filter the air to prevent harmful bacteria and particles from infiltrating it. These masks are perfect for wearing in all environments to prevent dust, dirt & germs from getting through.

Material Composition

korean face mask korea style mask

Made from 4 layers of non-woven & meltblown fabric for use in infection-control practices to minimize cross-contamination. Along the top edge of the mask is an inbuilt dual core nose pin which can be pinched and moulded to the shape of your nose. 

Free-Size & Comfort

floral face mask desgner face mask

These masks have been designed to be comfortable enough to wear throughout the whole day. They are made of soft materials with stretchy elastic ear loops which effectively hold the mask in place on your face.

Individual Packaging

mask pack of 10 kf94 mask pack of 10

Each mask has been individually packed for your convenience. A complimentary mask extender has been included in the box.


floral mask mask for women